I can't send or receive emails on my domain

I recently purchased a domain on cloudflare and hosted it externally.

After setting up my website I haven’t been able to send or receive emails to or from any mail provider.
I need help to resolve this.

Welcome to the Cloudflare Community. :logodrop:

If you are able to share your domain, the Community will be able to review your published DNS.

You will find some common problems and their solutions covered in this Community Tutorial.

Thank you for me your attention sir.

The domain name is


Hostcenta returned 403 Forbidden when I tried to load their site to see if they have any documentation. Have you talked to them?

I spoke with them earlier before now and they insisted that hostcenta.com< is the mail server.

There is an MTA (mailserver) running on that host and you have that in the MX record for your domain. If that server is configured to handle you email, that should be all that is need for you to receive email.

Have you shared any error messages with your email provider?

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