I can't send or receive emails from gmail

Hi there, I’m unable to send or receive emails from gmail. I’ve tried to follow the instructions provided but my emails are still bouncing can somebody help please.



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I am sorry to hear that you are having trouble using Gmail with your domain. What instructions have you followed and who provided them? Have you read and worked through the relevant Community Tutorial topics?

Thank you. I first went to my email provider ionos who told me that I needed to add in a TXT in cloudflare but it didn’t work. I think I’m having issues due to the updates google have made so my emails are being bounced back. I have been through the topics but couldn’t see anything specific to this issue. Thanks

I am confused here. If Ionos is your email provider, how are you sending your email using Gmail? Perhaps I misunderstand your setup. It sounded like you were trying to use Gmail to send your domain email as an alias.

It might be worth your time to run through the interactive tutorial over at Learn DMARC before we look into this further. You may also find the tools at dmarcian to be useful.

This was super helpful thank you so much my email address failed SPF and DKIM so I believe this is what I need to update?

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It is.

Great how do I do this?

It is different for every domain. What was the TXT record that Ionos shared? Was it an SPF record? Can you share it here?

Thank I asked them to resend the information

Oh it won’t let me share as it has links :frowning:

Put it between two backticks so it will not be automatically linked.

If you type `some TXT record with example.com` it will appear as: some TXT record with example.com

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