I cant seem to make a redirect work

Hi, I am feeling really really dumb and its probably something obvious or stupid.

I cant seem to manage to redirect the base URL for a domain to a specific twitter url.

I have tried a normal redirect as well as a bulk.

I am trying to forward [domain.tld] to https://twitter.com/[namehere]

Ive read the tutorials, I thought I set everything up correctly.

I created dummy A @ record and dummy A www record

my expression (sanitized) is: (http.request.uri eq "*[domain.tld]/*")

followed by redirect:
static: https://twitter.com/[namehere] code 301

What in the world am I doing wrong?

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Welcome to the Cloudflare Community.

Try searching for http.request.uri on the following page: Fields reference · Cloudflare Ruleset Engine docs

I don’t think it means what you think it means. That page should have everything you need to fix your rule.

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Uh, yep, thank you for that link, like you said it had everything I needed. 24 years in and still going to school


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