I cant seem to connect to my SMB file server using access tunnel

so what I have set up for my SMB server right now is this domain.

but I can’t seem to be able to connect to it on windows and don’t know what I’m doing wrong smb://smb.(domain) is what I’m entering into the add network location anyone got any tips to help me? I’m not the most experienced with these tunnels. I’m running the tunnel on a Cloudflare/cloudflared docker on the same local IP as the SMB server.

same problem with me… any solution?

When you setup a TCP tunnel you need to have cloudfared running on the client or use warp.

how to use in android? already install warp app but not work.

You need to have it setup for WARP access. You connect using the private IP of the server from your phone.

allready setup but can’t connect…

Are you able to ping any devices across the network?