I can't see some of the geolocation headers on my request headers

I was only able to get the country_code from my request headers but there were other headers mentioned in the documentation like city, continent, longitude, latitude which are missing. I have my geolocation API turned on in the network section of my dashboard and I have also tried it on a PRO and a none PRO plan too but it wasn’t working.

Please any Idea on how I can get this header ?

Where did you see this documented?

I’m not aware of these headers existing - it’s available in Workers under the request.cf object.

You can add them yourself with transform rules - https://developers.cloudflare.com/ruleset-engine/rules-language/fields/

It was mentioned here developers-Cloudflare-com/rules/transform/managed-transforms/reference/in the Add visitor location headers

Hi there!

Did you enable that Managed Transform header?

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