I can't resolve my DNS records or find help, or how to unsubscribe

I have been trying to solve the new registrations for a whole morning, I have had my website without access for several hours and I have not been able to correct the registrations in Cloudflare, I think it is not for my type of user, I cannot find the help I am looking for, it does not appear clearly How to send a query email, with your videos I have not been able to clarify my doubt.
I’m looking for how to unsubscribe from the service and I can’t find it either.
My first day with Cloudflare is not going as I imagined.

What’s the domain?


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That domain is not using Cloudflare. It needs to be set to use Cloudflare name servers at your registrar.

If I know, I have had my website down for hours, until I have correctly configured and clear the records I will not change my DNS servers again (if I do). Right now I don’t think I have the records set up but I have this warning, Some of your DNS only records are exposing IP addresses that are proxy through Cloudflare. Make sure to represent all A, AAAA, and CNAME records that refer to proxy records to avoid exposing your source IP.
I think this type of service is not for users like me, I only use the records to point the domain to my server and I lack any other knowledge about DNS.
Greetings and thank you very much for your help.

That’s normal if you host email on the same server as your website. Cloudflare does not proxy email and can not protect an email server.

If all your DNS records here match what you already have on your host, it’s safe to change DNS servers. Just make sure email-related DNS records are set to :grey: DNS Only.

First of all, thank you very much for helping me solve my doubts (lack of knowledge :)) in this matter. Well, I do not host the email on the same server as the website, they are 2 different servers, and when I look at the current DNS configuration, there are more records than I have in Cloudflare, for example correoweb, pop3 also point to the mail server , and smtp, which points to another direction.
My question is, do I have to add these records as well?
Greetings and thanks.

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