I can't replace the name server in my DNS Panel

my registrar can not raplace the nameserver with isabel.ns.cloudflare.com.

There is another solution?

Very Thank’s

Sorry, those are the nameservers you’re required to use in order to use Cloudflare. Has your registrar explained why you can not set this nameserver?

I want a CName set up for my wix website - and I do not want to replace the name service to Cloudflare. I Just also want to have my website pointing to Cloudflare not a change of server

Neither Wix nor Cloudflare will support this configuration.

Cloudflare - has on their website help - to contact Support for a CName Set up. I had been told I could just point my DNS to cloudflare

To use Wix? I don’t think so. I should have been more clear with my response, rather than just include links. Both links I included state that neither Wix, nor Cloudflare support using Wix with Cloudflare.

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