I cant replace nameservers as asked for by hosting provider but my site seems ok?

Hi, according to my hosting provider(HP) i need to remove cloudflare’s nameservers(NS) and change the NS to HP’s NS. my registrar is cloudflare, and i have added records for the right name servers(and IP address) but cloudflare’s NS cant seem to be removed. the NS don’t seem to have changed(when i check the DNS and it is still pointing to cloudflare’s) but my website seems to be accessible… and editable from my HP’s site?? the hosting provider said i needed to change but the site seems ok so should i just leave it as it is despite the error message from my hosting provider’s side?


It is not possible to change to third-party nameservers when using Cloudflare Registrar, as discussed here - FAQ · Cloudflare Registrar docs

You would need to speak with your host to understand if it is a hard requirement you move to their nameservers, or if it is ok to keep your authoritative with Cloudflare and just have your DNS records point to your web server at your host. This should be ok, but they would be best to confirm why they asking you to change.

If you do need to change, you would need to transfer your domain away from Cloudflare’s registrar in order to be able to alter the nameservers.

Hope this helps!

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