I cant remove the parking page (I get an error) and I just want to point to GitHub

I just want to point my cloudlflare domain (www.herojig.com) to my github page (also herojig) but I can’t figure out how… even has chatGPT 4o baffled. Help!

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Have you tried following the guide published by Github?

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ha, yes i tried working from that, but none of the clicks line up to the plan (as usual, and that drives me nuts). I am working from memory, back in a time when I used godaddy before retiring over a decade ago. What could have changed? But thanks for any more tips!

You have a path in the canonical name used in your CNAME. That will not work. Only hostnames are permitted. You need to remove all of the invalid characters, beginning with the first / all the way up to and including the next /.

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i am trying to follow this: Managing a custom domain for your GitHub Pages site - GitHub Docs
but finding this to be too much. my brain has rotted. ■■■■. I think I need to add more records…but dont really know. I just want to get this page up when someone hits www.herojig.com
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Your site doesn’t work using the herojig.github.io name either. You should probably get that part working first.

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Got it! I also had a type in Git Hub pages. thx

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