I can't remember if I transferred my domain

When I signed up with Cloudflare for free DNS, I was thinking I’d just point the nameserver entries to Cloudflare’s at the place I originally registered the domain. Now it is time to renew the domain and I can’t remember if I just did that or transferred the domain.

I was thinking I ended up having to transfer to Cloudflare but when I do a whois it still shows me at namecheap. Whois Lookup Captcha.

I went to Cloudflare’s transfer domain page but it shows my domain’s expiration as 11/2020 and that my new expiration would be 2021.

Now I’m very confused because the whois says I’m still at namecheap and I technically can’t transfer because it is technically expired. Is the Whois the last word or is there some way I can tell if my registrar is already Cloudflare?

I don’t see any indication it’s tied to Cloudflare. WHOIS says it’s at Namecheap, and using what’s probably Namecheap name servers (registrar-servers). And it’s not going to Cloudflare’s proxy servers.

Nope, nothing Cloudflare about that domain.

p.s. Yes, current expiration is 11/20, so if you transferred it to Cloudflare, Cloudflare will extend that by one year to 11/21.

Yeah that’s part of what’s confusing because namecheap is sending me a expired/renewal notice. And, in my dashboard at namecheap the nameservers are definitely cloudflare’s (edna and walt)…

I’m going to guess it’s something like , it expired, namecheap renewed it so that I can have a few extra days, and maybe is ignoring the the nameserver setting, and the new date due to their holding it for me.

Anyway, thanks for the input.

And I’m also positive I’ve been using cloudflare’s severs because I’ve occasionally got the cloudflare proxy/cache error page.