I can't register with com.uk


i have a domain like example.com.uk
but i can’t register it to cloudflare
cloudflare said my domain is a sub domain but it’s not
how can i fix it?


Did you mean .co.uk?

I am not aware that there are Domains with .com.uk


on internet.bs i bought com.uk


i can’t get any info about my domain on whois either it’s weird


It doesn’t exist a .com.uk… it’s at most a .co.uk.


pls check internet.bs


It says that .com.uk is not supported…


i registered twice.com.uk in internetbs.net tho??


plz use that search box in internetbs.net you can recognize there is .com.uk


It is listed, but says it’s not supported, I seriously don’t know how they registered it. You should contact their support…


thank you for your replying


But there is:

Did you mean this one? @officialnihon

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