I can't recieved email from cloudflare

please help me
my old account is the email from Yandex
I want to retrieve password, but I can’t rreceived email


I am sorry you are experiencing an issue.

Kindly, in case you cannot access your Cloudflare account, may I ask what have you tried so far?:

  1. Password rest option - did you got an e-mail with the link to reset your Cloudflare account password?
  2. Writing a ticket to Cloudflare Support via associated e-mail address (used to log into your Cloudflare account) by sending an e-mail to support[at]cloudflare[dot]com from your e-mail associated with your Cloudflare account.

When you receive reply from Cloudflare, please share the ticket number here with us so we could escalate this to Cloudflare tehnician to check.

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thank you for your reply
Hi, I have tried the following

  1. Forgot the password, change the password by receiving the email
  2. Enter the domain name to retrieve the email address
    But all the mailboxes I am using have not received the emails, because the account was established by a former colleague, and he has forgotten it now, so it is impossible to know which mailbox is bound.
    But I can provide the background information of our domain name to prove that these domain names belong to us
    The help I want is
  3. Help me find the mailboxes bound to these domain names
  4. Directly transfer all domain names to this account
    It is very urgent because one of the sites has gone wrong
    possible domain names
    We have several other websites that may also be on that account, please help to check
    Thank you so much

May I ask have you tried writing to Cloudflare support e-mail? You do not get even automatic reply?

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