I Cant recieve mail from another domain (even not spam) in cloudflare

I have 3 domain in Cloudflare.
No. 1. arthasup.com
No. 2. galaxyinc.us
No. 3. leosal.com.tr

i can send and recieve mails with no.1 and no.2 to anyone (gmail, yandex, outlook, spesified company mails etc.).

But i cant recieve mails from leosal.com.tr.
with leosal mail i can send mails to gmail, yandex, outlook or other company mails. But i can recieve mails with arthasup or galaxyinc (even not in spam folder.)

Leosal.com.tr domain can recieve mails from arthasup and galaxyinc or other domain. but cant send mail to these domains.

I will be glad to read some help.

Still Active :frowning:

This could be multiple things. But for a start, the MX record for leosal.com.tr is pointing at a DNS record that is :orange:. As Cloudflare do not proxy email protocols this can cause issues.

% dig +short mx leosal.com.tr
0 _dc-mx.ee084a16ac5a.leosal.com.tr.

Thank you for reply Michael.

But im confused bcs of this:
i can send mail to any domain with leosal.com.tr.
arthasup and galaxy mails cant recieve mail from leosal. But they can send mails to leosal.

I cant open proxy option for leosal mail bcs of our main mail server.

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