I can't received the Verification email from cloudflare

can someone help me out? i have been tried many times to resent the verification email, but still received it. please kindly help me fix this problem. Thanks

please check the email to see if it has been locked. i use to register cloudflare. thanks

@cncontrolvalve are you still having this issue now Cloudflare Status - Cloudflare Dashboard and Cloudflare API service issues is showing as operational?

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yes, my email still can not receive the verification email from Cloudflare

In this case, I have checked the email logs from Cloudflare’s side and we can see messages are being delivered. The emails come from [email protected] and there were 3 delivered today, 2 of which were verification related and have the subject line [Cloudflare]: Please verify your email address.

Make sure you check your inbox, spam folders and ensure you’re not filtering or blocking these emails - there’s nothing else Cloudflare can do at this point - the issue will be with your mail provider / inbox configuration.


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