I can't receive verification email

Hi. I’m trying to verify my account to get my token, but the email never arrives.

Anyway, community emails was received normally.

Any help?


Community uses a different delivery path. Your account email is most likely on a suppression list due to a mail rejection at your end. Send a message to support AT cloudflare DOT com and ask them to clear any suppression flags. Post the ticket # here from the autoresponse as soon as you get the message so we can escalate it.

But to sent a message to support I need to verify my email before. That is exactly what I want! :grimacing:

Did you try?

Yes, I did. But I can’t.

Look the image…

Anybody can send email. I don’t understand why you can’t.

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@user15496 When @sdayman suggested

I think he meant send an email to the address he provided.

It looks like it is and I do not see any bounces, did you resolve this?

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Hi Cloonan.

So… I sent an email to support explained about it. My ticket is #2333920.

But I just tried again. I click on link to sent an email verification, but it not arrived. =(

Thank you for the details, I removed your account from the suppression list and sent a verification token, lmk if that helps and sorry for the issues.


Great! It worked.

Thanks for your help Cloonan.

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