I can't receive messages

I put all the instructions and all the values ​​and waited about 6 hours and I still have the problem of receiving messages

WHOIS for that domain says the name servers are Cash and Jessica. Not Blakely and Reese, as your DNS screen says. You would need to update that at Namecheap if you want to use the DNS records in your screenshots.

Make sure it’s just the two that Cloudflare assigned (Blakely and Reese). That should ensure that you have one consistent set of DNS records.

In this case, my site will stop working because the platform to which it is linked to my site asked me to put this Neamserver ( Cash and Jessica ) ،‏so what is the solution in this case

Then it sounds like whatever that platform is, they also control your DNS records. You’ll have to work with them to get your email records straightened out.

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