I can't receive mails, these are my dns settings:

I asked my host the following question:

No mails appear in the inbox on https://transip.email
Attached the DNS settings, what is configured wrong?

Host answer:

Good afternoon,

From your screenshot I can't see any direct problems, however, I'm not familiar with cloudflare's system so I can't comment on it substantively. I would recommend asking cloudflare if there are any specific things to take into account.

In addition, it is also possible that the settings have not yet been propagated. It can take up to 24 hours for custom DNS records to be propagated globally.

While waiting for your response, I remain.

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Your MX record points to a nonexistent hostname. It should point to mail.transip.email instead of mx.transip.email
And your ‘mail’ hostname should be an “A” record with your host’s IP address and set to :grey: DNS Only. Same gore for your ‘smtp’ and ‘ima-‘ hostnames.

Wait… transip isn’t your domain, is it? If not, then never mind. We can’t diagnose without knowing the actual domain name. The records look correct if transip is your mail host.

Hello thanks for your answer

Transip is indeed the mail server I use. Sending mails works 100%. But reading emails does not work. According to Transip, my dns settings looks fine. So I don’t know where the problem can be caused to

If transip says your DNS records look fine, then they’ll have to dig a little deeper to track down your mail woes. I’m afraid there’s nothing Cloudflare can do since transip has confirmed that your DNS records here are correct.

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