I can't point the dns of my cloudflare domain to my hosting

hello, I recently acquired my domain cyanaingenieria.com in Cloudflare but I can’t point it to my hosting in ibrave, even though I configure the dns if I analyze the website it continues to show me that the domain uses Cloudflare’s dns which are “athena.ns. cloudflare.com” and “kaiser.ns.cloudflare.com” and not those of my hosting, I need to direct them to “ns1.ibrave.host”, attached capture of the dns configuration in Cloudflare

If ibrave is requiring you to use their nameservers then you will be unable to use Cloudflare for your DNS as it will be managed by ibrave.

this was ibrave’s answer:

"You’re still able to use your domain with iBrave without changing the nameservers.

Add one A record to Cloudflare that points to your IP on our server - you will see the IP in your control panel."

I made a couple of changes and I’ll wait 24 hours to see if it works

I just transferred the domain from cyanaingenieria.com to Cloudflare and it fails to point to my hosting at ibrave, when visiting the domain I get the following error: “This website cannot be accessed DNS_PROBE_FINISHED_NXDOMAIN”

I have 4 “A” records added in the DNS management of my domain in Cloudflare
the first named “cyanaingenieria.com” and IPV4 address “”
the second named “ns1.ibrave.host” and ipV4 address “”
the third named “ns3.ibrave.host” and ipV4 address “”
and the fourth name “ns4.ibrave.host” and ipV4 address “”

In the DNS settings of my hosting in ibrave I have the following DNS:
the first type “NS” with name “cyanainenieria.com” and value “athena.ns.cloudflare.com
the second type “Ns” with name “cyanainenieria.com” and value “kaiser.ns.cloudflare.com


The 3 records that start with ns*.ibrave.host should be deleted from Cloudflare and you can delete both NS records from ibrave.

I would contact ibrave support to see what records you need to add to Cloudflare to get the hosting set up.

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