I can't point play.DOMAIN.xyz to a custom ip+port

I want to point my minecraft server “” Note that it uses a custom port to play.example.xyz, I want to do it over SRV Even if it exposes the IP address, its not mine i use an external host If any one can help, i would be very pleased. Please Note that I actually have done it before with one of my servers, but this time i cant get it to work! Also, please dont tell me “use portzilla” I tried, my trial ended as soon as i started it.


Hi @craftit7,

This tutorial should help you, please post the domain and a screenshot of the records you have added if you are still having problems with it.

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doesn’t work :frowning:

A Record: fc.domain.xy → XXX.XXX.XXX.XXX

  1. fc.domain.xy → fc.domain.xy, 2353, 0, 0, TCP
  2. fc.domain.xy → fc.domain.xy, 2353, 0, 0, UDP

.xy is not a valid TLD. I also don’t see a service name for those SRV records. A screenshot, as @domjh so nicely asked for, would really help us help you.


Nevermind! I got it to work, how silly am i, I forgot a dot

Also the .xy is any TLD to hide my domain \o/

2353 is just a custom port my hosting gave me, I wished to connect using fc.example.xyz:25565 and i got it to work any ways! Thanks for your help @domjh , @sdayman ! Have a nice day/night!


…Not any TLD, Its just to hide…*

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