I can't point domain to google site

My website: nguyenhuudang. com can’t point to google site.
It always show: " Whois verification is pending"
I followed the guide an reactive many times, but my domain is still not work
Do I miss something? anyone can help?

Hello there,

Your registrar is Namecheap You need to contact them alone. There’s nothing can be done from CF.

This could be because ICANN requires that any changes of Whois contact information for a domain owner are verified within 15 calendar days. If new data or changes are not verified in this timeframe, ICANN requires the website to be suspended pending its verification. (as stated by Namecheap)

The question is how to remove this suspension and again. Best is: Verify your contact details in Namecheap. It could take days. Contact the Namecheap support.

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