I can't point CNAME to https ULR


I am trying to point CNAME to https:// domain example https://google.com but the Cloudflare not allowing to add https://, so i have to add google.com, which lead to Privacy warning, how I can solve this?

Your privacy warning is coming from the fact that there is not yet an SSL certificate created for your site, most likely.

The DNS is not the place to add the protocol, that is done by the browser. So, it’s proper to do it without the protocol (https://)

I’m just making a guess here, though. If you post a screenshot of the warning, that might be more helpful to those trying to help you

You can learn more about SSL on Cloudflare here:

thanks meta,

actually I have another issue just I found it out
when I type http://google.com I got different page than what I got when I type https://google.com

well that is a strange issue. Would you mind to share the actual URLs? I don’t suppose you’re really meaning google.com, or are you?

Although, in most cases, the difference between http and https is a server configuration issue. It can be affected by Cloudflare, but outside of the SSL / TLS links I posted above, it is more or less rare.
May I ask about your server config/architecture? (I understand if you don’t want to share both the architecture and the URL in the same public place)

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