I can't pass the Cloudflare community's email verification

I may deleted the Cloudflare community’s verity email and I can’t verify may account in Cloudflare community

I show the account as active are you having any issues we can help with?

I want to resend the Cloudflare community’s verification Mail
I can’t register community when I using another account

Log out of your existing community account. Using the other account, login at dash.cloudflare.com and then navigate to community.cloudflare.com and select login again to active/create a community account using the other email.

You means that it’s no need for me to use dashboard and community in the same account.

you should be able to log in at dash.cloudflare.com and sso into the community with either dash account. I will drop you a private message where we can speak privately and you can share more details.

I show the account you are using here as verified, sounds like there is another account where I need to either send you a community verification token or manually verify it. I’l drop a note and were can communicate there. Sorry for the issues.

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Sorry for telling you that this account is just a backup account and my main account can’t receive the community’s registration email but the main account’s email has been verified in the dashboard.