I can't open my website after using CF

I got " Your connection is not private" and “NET::ERR_CERT_AUTHORITY_INVALID” when I try to open my website, and I can’t visit my website.


  1. Full or Full(strict) Universal SSL
  2. I get a Edge Certificates from CF, and I created a Origin Certificates, a pem and a key
  3. Chrome/Firefox/Safari browser got this problem all

And this problem is discontinuous, sometimes I can open the website in normal, so should I create a Origin Certificate for my website, is this necessary?

BTW my website server is ALIYUN

Without knowing your actual domain, we can only guess, but it sounds like some browsers aren’t going through Cloudflare to get to your site. But here’s some info:

hi my website url: waerfa.com

Now I have close the Origin Certificate,but I still can’t open the website

I’m getting a 525 error when I try to connect, and that just means your server has no valid SSL certificate on it. How did you create an Origin Certificate? Using a Cloudflare one works well:


And for reference…

Although I have tried to create a Origin Certificate on my webserver, but I will got the error like I said in the topic,like this:

you mean I must create a O Certificate or upload my certificate in the “Cryto” channel, otherwise the website can’t be visited?

When I try to open the website, the chrome tell me" Your connection is not private" and display the Origin Certificate is not trusted

I created a Origin Certificate, a .pem file, and a .key file, put them on the server, and write the dir rules in the ngnix.conf, but the browser feedback me the “NET::ERR_CERT_AUTHORITY_INVALID”

Works for me. If you’re still having issues clear your
DNS and browser cache and restart it afterwards.

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