I cant not activate cloudflare on my site

I cant not activate Cloudflare on my site
when you click on the activation word says the server must be updated
this message says
Your x’s DNS is hosted by Cloudflare. If you’d like to switch to Bluehost, you must first deactivate and then delete “x” within Cloudflare. These options are available in the Settings menu.

It sounds like you already have your site on Cloudflare, but want to use BlueHost’s Cloudflare setup? Is your site already hosted by BlueHost?

What’s the domain?

yes hosts them

Do you have a Cloudflare account where you added your own domain? In the Overview section, there’s a link in the lower right corner to “Remove Site from Cloudflare.”

While you’re at it, go to your domain registrar and change the Name Servers from the two Cloudflare assigned to you so it’s the ones BlueHost wants you to use.

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