I can't manage my domain

Hello Community!

I was recently informed that my domain received a 1 week penalty.

I really am in favor of rules and I never (consciously) wanted to break anything …

I got in touch, explained my scenario, asked for a review and felt a huge disregard for the Cloudflare team …

Unlike this community, where I found support and people willing to help … anyway … life that goes on!

I would like to extend my most sincere thanks to all the friends who dedicated a little time to my difficulty!

@cloonan @thedaveCA @MarkMeyer

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One last question …

If I configure the server to use the connection over SSL, does this imply storing files in the cache?

As far as I understood, I took a penalty for storing audio, video and other files … and it was not my goal …

You’re welcome. Unfortunately we can’t do more than hold your hand in this case. :pensive:

This is nothing about SSL. Since Cloudflare decrypts all traffic on the Edge, they can see what type of file is requested and cache it if possible, or requested.

You could either tell Cloudflare not to cache with the appropriate header (no-cache, no-store, must-revalidate… ), or exclude your media files or folders with Page Rules.

Could you help me with this setup?

I don’t want to store or cache anything at all.

How do I disable this feature, please?

Easiest would be to create a Page Rule Like

Cache Level: bypass

This would cache nothing on the edges. You could also exclude videos, for example

Cache Level: bypass

Something like that. There are several and more advanced ways.

Problem is that no one here knows why you have been temp. disabled. So this is just guesswork.

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Great !!! Thanks again friend @MarkMeyer