I can't manage my domain

I deleted my domain from the cloudflare panel, I can’t add it anymore because I was banned for disrespecting some rule that I didn’t understand correctly (my intention was just to protect my ip with the proxy) and, irresponsibly, I have my IP EXPOSED TO THE WORLD .

How do I access the domain settings to transfer to another REGISTRAR?

I’ve already performed ticket openings without a clear solution …

Can someone help me ?

Since you deleted your domain you have given up access to it. Don’t delete things you still need.

In the meantime, contact support, this is the only method to regain access to your domain.

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I got in touch, begged for help, for a little more understanding about my scenario and so far nothing …

Tickets : 1830970 / 1830967

Free accounts get fairly slow responses, so patience is your only option at this point. Not ideal, but it is reality.

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Yes, you’re right.

Anyway, thanks for your attention and help with my difficulty!

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@cloonan anything you can do to make sure this is headed in the right direction?


Hard to give any answers without knowing the domain. Just did some guesswork and if I am correct your domain is with Wix?

For reference:

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I see the tickets and conversation. @playtvserver, there is an open question on one of the tickets asking you to verify the domain, can you reply back to 1830970 and verify the domain? Also, if you’re still seeing the notice saying it’s banned, can you include a screenshot of that with your reply? Please limit your replies to ticket 1830970 as that one is assigned to an engineer that you have been interacting with, multiple tickets slow down the process for everyone and cause confusion.

I cannot see that you were routed off the system, rather it looks like you added and then removed the domain from your account(s) and the multiple attempts to add introduced the temporary ban. I see one domain mentioned, not sure if that is the one in question, and the ban is a temporary ban that should lift in a few hours, it’s the result of too many attempts to add the domain in a short time period. I’d suggest you stop attempting to add the domain for 24 hours and then try.

Hello @MarkMeyer,

My domain was purchased through hostinger.com

I recently used the cloudflare REGISTRAR to migrate to this platform.

I was really banned for breaking any rules and that’s okay …

I happen to be new to this world of DNS / TLS / CACHE / OTHERS …

My intention was only to protect my IP through the proxy and I must have missed any other configuration that implied my ban.

I tried to clarify this with the Cloudflare team … but I was not successful.

If you can help me, please do not forget to do it.

Hello @cloonan,

I answered the tickets with all the requested information.

Sorry for all the confusion … I was a little desperate for help.

Thank you for your guidance!!


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@thedaveCA, thanks again friend!

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Yep, that’s the temporary ban that should lift automatically after a few hours. While you’re waiting for Support to reply, I’d stick with the wait one day and then attempt to add it. I’d add it to the account that has the cleo & heather nameservers assigned as that way you won’t need to change the nameservers.



I tried this way but something happened on the cloudflare platform … the hostinger panel does not allow me to do anything … See:

I’m not familiar with that panel, but it looks like it’s telling you the registration was canceled…I’m assuming because you moved registrar service away from them, but you’d need to contact them with questions, not sure anyone here is familiar enough with that to assist…

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@cloonan right!

I will try one more time.

Thank you very much and all the other friends for your guidance and help.

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Maybe because it was tranferred to Cloudflare.

And it cannot be tranferred out from here because #clientTransferProhibited

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Right @MarkMeyer !

The option I have left is to wait for the temporary ban.

I am not against the rules of cloudflare and I was somewhat naive.

I explained, asked for a review of my case, but I was not successful :frowning:

The team’s last interaction was to ask for my domain (which I sent) and nothing else happened … without any feedback.

I appreciate your time and help!

Have a great day (:

Well, that temporary thing usually is temporary and should disappear on it’s own.

I don’t know what the plan limits really are but i’ve heard rumors that they are hard to hit. As a general rule I’d avoid massive file or media hosting / caching for example.

Good luck :slight_smile:

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Hello Community,

@cloonan @thedaveCA @MarkMeyer

More than 24 hours have passed since my ban occurred and I still can’t get access to my domain, even to manage my DNS zones …

I don’t know what else to do … the response from the support team is very superficial and disinterested about my problem or how to help me in fact …

Hi @playtvserver, I see the recent reply from Support indicating they lifted the ban, let us know if you’re able to add it successfully.

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