I can't login with 2fa

plese help

This could be related, and looks like the issue is now resolved.


but im try to login

I don’t have any issue to login via 2FA.

Have you confirmed whether the 6-digit code that you entered was correct and matched the code displayed in your 2FA app?

but im change 2fa app to google authentucoter
it each say error

so i can’t use my account

i wont
give up

but i don’t know how to put domain to new account

Simply add the domain to your knew account and change the nameservers at your domain registrar to the two new cloudflare nameservers - remove the other two from the account you can no longer access.

it error

Failed to lookup registrar and hosting information of xiaozhi417.ga at this time. Please contact Cloudflare Support or try again later.

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