I can't login to support area it asks me login even with login

Tried another browser to no success, If I specifically login with incorrect details, It gives me an error but if I login with the correct details, It’ll either just refresh the page back to dash.cloudflare.com/login or will send me to the dashboard, but not return back here signed in.

Once returning me either to the dashboard, or back to the login screen I’m still not signed in on here & hitting “Sign in” on here sends me to dash.cloudflare.com/login, rather than spinning for a bit (I am logged into the dashboard @ dash.cloudflare.com)

I have mailed to support @ Cloudflare .com too. and they created a ticket for me but i am unable to view that ticket as i can’t login to support area. ticket id #1721735

Are you accepting cookies?

Are you able to login to the dashboard (here on the Community for sure)? If so it shouldn’t even go back to the login page if you are already signed in.

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Dear @Matteo without login how can i post here :slight_smile: Its working fine for community but not working fine for support area.

Exactly :slight_smile:

That seems strange, the login to support is always kind of a pain due to SSO handling, but after a retry it works.

As for the ticket it should send you an email for every reply, so that isn’t a big issue, but I can understand the frustration… @cloonan can maybe take a look once he wakes up or come back on Monday (not sure he will be here today).


Great. Thanks much for your understanding and time. I hope this issue will get resolve asap. I tried like 40-50 times just like loop to login on support it redirect me to login and after login on dashboard then i click on support page and it redirect me to login then dashboard and so on…

Have you tried clearing cache/cookies? I guess you tried another browser, but never hurts trying once more.

Maybe try even in incognito, just to check…


Yes, i tried. even tried now too. But no success.

I have the same issue. Error during login on Cloudflare.com.

I am able to login now at Cloudflare.com.

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