I can't login to my WordPress backend after Cloudflare


I designed a website for one of my clients who live in Panama and have been using Cloudflare CDN for just a few days as free for her website sentiopanama.com . I can not log in to WordPress admin backend for 2 days. Nothing happens when I hit the enter after write my username & password. I made a few resources to find out a solution and applied the followings

    1. I changed my site url as http on PhpMyAdmin.
    1. I changed my SSL setting as Flexible on Cloudflare.
    1. I installed Cloudflare Flexible SSL plugin to my website.
    1. I changed back my site url as https on my WordPress setting page.

Now, I am the only one who can access the WP backend. I can access with my personal laptop only. Other devices do not work such as a different computer or my mobile phone. My client can not login the backend either in Panama.

I have been using Cloudflare for my other domains for a while and never faced such a problem before. What should I do? I will delete the CDN if I could not fix this.


Sorry to everyone. I fixed it.
A plugin named SameSite was making conflict me to access the backend.
Its not because of Cloudflare.

Sorry again

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