I can't Login to My Webmail using third party app like "My Mail or Blue Mail". Please any Solution?

When I access my Webmail through the normal provided site link e.g. (webmail . Mysite .com OR Mysite .com/webmail), it do Log me in successfully,
BUT when I want to login through other email apps like e.g. My Mail or Blue Mail app, it won’t Log me in. It keeps showing error after inputting all details correctly.

Please what can I do to resolve this?
Thank you.

Is the hostname that you are using in your email client set to :orange: proxied in Cloudflare?

The Cloudflare proxy only passes HTTP and HTTPS traffic. Email and other protocols are dropped by the proxy. You need to set hostnames that require the use of other protocols to :grey: DNS Only.

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Hello, Thanks for your reply.

I have have checked the DNS records but couldn’t find the host name as you specified.

Please check the screenshot attached and let me know if there’s anything I need to change. Thank you.

If you are you using the hostname mail, you can see that it is set to :orange: which would not work.

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Okay. Thanks for your feedback.
I will uncheck it and try back now.

It worked! I can now log in.

Thank you so much for your help.
I appreciate.

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