I can't login to my account

So I just wanted to login to my Cloudflare Account but had to Email Authenticate me. I hadn’t to access to my email (domain is git-job.com) and I can’t to logIn to my account for settings DNS-settings. How can I change my email and had to Email Authenticate (cos I know my login and password, but Cloudflare can’t login me)(mail is redacted).

Hi @jokerdab,

So you know the email and password. Is it that you no longer have access to the email account used, so cannot access the token that is sent there?

ya, we have lost access to mail and can’t to access to the email account and can’t create the token

Your MX records point to Yandex, as it’s your domain is there no way you can regain access to that setup?

noup, cos yandex told «{redacted} is not Yandex mail»

I can escalate this to Cloudflare Support, but I’m not sure what the process will be here.

It will be far easier if you can regain access to the mail account, I presume it used to work and you had a custom domain set up with Yandex. The MX record still points there, so I’m not sure why you/Yandex cannot make this work.

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I created new {redacted} account at Yandex, but CloudFlare didn’t send reset-password link to this

Oh, right. So you can receive other emails to that address, but you are just not receiving the verification from Cloudflare?

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Ya, that’s right

OK, thank you. Your email has probably ended up on Cloudflare’s supression list due to email bounces or opting out. I’ve escalated this for someone to check.

And how long does it take to check the mail address?

I’m not sure, it is in the queue for the next support engineer through the community. That will usually be within 24hrs during weekdays, but no guarantees.

If you are on a paid plan, you can email [email protected] from that address for quicker ticketed support, if you are on free it’s probably quicker to wait here.

Sorry to hear you are experiencing problems logging in!

Could you write in to [email protected] from the email you are experiencing problems with?

I will try to keep an eye on it, but if you could write your ticket number here it would help to have visibility.

@jokerdab if you cannot access that email address, you need to move the domain to an account you can access

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