I can't login through webmail because of cloudflare DNS settings

My sites are hosted on hostgator, but I use cloudflare as nameserver because of its SSL functionalities. Of recent, I wanted to start using the email functionalities of my host provider but when I try to login to webmail.hostgator.com I get an “Error connecting to IMAP server” error. When I contacted their support, they are saying its because of the DNS settings at hostgator. From what I can see on cloudflare, I MX record pointing to the right address.

My question is aside the A record with a name “mail” that points to my public ip address, which other record needs to have its cloud icon greyed out for the mail functionality to work? And I have just a single MX record, is that sufficient?

Not sure If Hostgator uses that record to connect, but change the ‘mail’ record from :orange: to :grey: and give it another try.

Thank you for the response. I did that yesterday night, still no change in the error.

The domains in question are addon domain, that shouldn’t be a problem though.

Hi @ayoodedere,

Based on what you’re saying it sounds like your MX record at HostGator is inaccurate. The MX record would have to be pointing to the cPanel IP address. You can find this in your Control Panel on the main page as well as in the Advanced Zone Editor. Cloudflare is a CDN so it’s nameservers basically bounce off HostGator’s and use the info HostGator has on file, which may mean his MX record is improperly set at HostGator. But without more information it’s impossible to tell. We suggest that you double check your MX record and if you need help, then contact HostGator Support. Thanks!

Customer Advocate at HostGator

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