I can't login. I get a prompt to provide 2FA value but never get the token delivered to me

I am unable to log in to cloudflare. When I attempt to log in I get prompted to enter my Two-Factor Authentication code. But no code is ever sent to my phone or any email address. I had to create a new cloudflare account just to report this problem. What can I do? How can I get in to my account?

Cloudflare doesn’t (to my knowledge) use SMS for 2FA. It’s an Auth app, such as Google Authenticator or Twilio’s Authy.

If you can’t log in with 2FA, here is some information (scroll down for Lost 2FA tips):


Thanks for the link. I had to apply the 2FA backup code as the article suggested and I was able to get in.

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It’s good that you got in, but either disable or properly configure 2FA immediately so that you don’t get locked out again.


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