I can't include a ".site" domain in Cloudflare, does anyone know how to fix it?

I can’t include a “.site” domain in Cloudflare, does anyone know how to fix it?

Without knowing the actual domain name, we can’t investigate. What error are you seeing?

Is your website currently working?

There are 2 new sites, both with the extension “.site” I can’t register on Cloudflare.

  • figueiraleopoldo.site
  • lindenberggroenlandia77.site

Erro Cloudflare

Sometimes new sites will get this error! Try waiting a few hours then, trying to add the domain again!

I’ve been trying for days

Well figueiraleopoldo.site is reachable (however it’s not secure)

lindenberggroenlandia77.site is also insecure, but reachable!

Do you have an NS record in your current DNS? Your WHOIS looks ok, but ultimately points to hostmaster.figueiraleopoldo.site as the name server.

I changed the DNS of figueiraleopoldo.site to:


But it still doesn’t work.

That’s dangerous to do at this point because anybody who already has those two name servers can hijack your domain traffic.

You have to wait until the onboarding process for Cloudflare to assign name servers, then instruct you to change your WHOS listing.

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I follow with the Problem. I tested another domain that I have extension [.online] and it’s working.

I have other sites with the [.site] extension active on cloudflare. But these new ones I can not include.

:point_up_2: that is really important. I don’t know if the flip to cf nameservers and flip back introduced an issue, but the nameservers have to be responsive in order to add the zone to cloudflare. They appear to be propagating atm

The best #setup bet is to get the site working and secure and then add it to cloudflare and then change your nameservers.

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