I can't get through this

I can’t get through this. Please tell me which payment this check refers to. I gave you my domains with history, and I was told that they will all be deleted. How to be? At the moment I don’t have any documents with me.

One domain was registered in 2016, and I just lose it because of such a trifle?

Hi @dantosaken

What does that mean? Did you transfer them to Cloudflare registrar? What are those domains? If you look at your audit log, you can see some details and I see some domains there that show as deleted by you

I am not sure of the exact issue. Can you open a Registrar ticket and I’ll flag that for my colleagues to assist? We can ensure our #website-application-performance:registrar and #general:billing team sees your ticket if you share the number here.

Please go here to open a Registrar ticket

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Domain: veybit . com


I do not recognize that as a cloudflare ticket number, I do see ticket 2805891

I see the team was able to answer your question on the ticket 2805891

That is not the case. The domain is in your Cloudflare account and I see the nameservers were confirmed and the domain name registration was transferred to Cloudflare Registrar.

:point_up: is the error I see when visiting your site. In this case, that can be fixed by following QuickFix idea #4 in this #CommunityTip

Who told you that?

As you do not have any DNS records your site will not work right now. As described in the Tip Quick Fix idea #4, you should have an address record, that is an A record called @ with the value of the IP address of your origin server. Your hosting provider (where your site is located) can tell you that IP address, you may be able to determine it looking at the history as well, https://securitytrails.com/domain/veybit.com/history/a

Good #tutorial on DNS records that you should review if you have questions

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