I can't get the "Reader" badge

Ok, so I’m trying to get the “Reader” badge but I don’t know to do so! I’ve tried clicking on the reply button for every reply and before that, I read through the whole topic! I did however go off of the topic and read a few others before going back to where I was! I don’t know if that screwed it up or something (by going off of the topic) but if that’s not it then how do I get the badge?

Actually, I think you would have to find some topic with more than 100 replies in it.

Therefore, spend enough time to actually read it in the whole - better to say, when you scroll down using your mouse wheel (middle button), the number usually changes as we scroll down the topic for each post in the URL address bar of our Web browser.

This is - I think - somewhere, counted or registered, meaning each of the post/reply you read (scroll to) must be “read”.

Unfortunately, this does not work - at least - if you just hit the “Page down” or “End” button on your keyboard. Each post/reply has to be read.

Nevertheless, that’s what I think how it works, could be I am wrong about it, but since you are asking, that’s the only way how to get it by regular activities and without some “tricks” or “hacks”.

Screenshot 2021-11-02 at 20-14-37 Reader - Cloudflare Community

Some more information about it can be read on the below article:

HINT: Just keep reading and learning, that’s the only way how we can go forward :wink:

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