I can't get my google workspace connected so I can set up my email

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Are you following this guide? If you are, which part are you having trouble with?

Hi, thank you for your reply. I create the domein and connected it with cloudflare. I entered the MX code provided by google.domein but they told me they can’t connect it and to reach out to you. Can you tell me how to fix this?

Not with the limited information you have provided.

What is your domain name?


Do you need anything else?

You have not created any of the DNS records described in the Google Workspace guide that I shared earlier. You need to do that.

okay I thought the MX record was enough. I added the A record is this enough. I’m sorry but this is all new for me.

What A record? You have no MX record published.

Can you share a screenshot of your DNS in Cloudflare?



Why do you have A records that point to the Cloudflare IP of Those do not appear to be correct. The mail hostname is not likely needed, either.

Your MX record is incorrect. You can delete it. You need to create your MX record for the hostname of @. When you save it, it will display as your domain name. You need to set the target hostname to the one shown in your Google Workspace account. Consult the Google directions that I shared earlier for more specifics.

You will also need to set up DKIM.

Like this?

Why are you entering mx.domain.com?

You need to use the values provided by Google in theor documentation.

I got this from google but completely confused right now.

It’s almost 11 pm for me right now and I just want to set this up.

Can you tell me what I need to put in for mail.example.com?

I don’t know what that is thay you are saying is from Google, but it is not the Google Workspace email setup documentation that I linked in my first reply.

Their example shows smtp.google.com. The value you need to enter can vary. You really need to follow the official directions from Google Workspace. If you haven’t yet, you need to open the Google Workspace setup tool. It is all covered in the directions linked from my first reply.

That is the whole problem, I can’t open my google workspace. I’m already trying for days and they send me to you and now you send me back to them. I’m completely stuck. The screenshot is the only thing I got from them.

If you bought your Google Workspace from a Google partner, you should probably seek out their assistance in gaining access to your Google Workspace account. If you cannot access that account, no amount of DNS records is going to make your Google Workspace mail work.

I bought it at Domein.com but this just means I can’t use workspace or my email and non of you are going to offer any solution.

The only thing I see at that domain is an HTTP redirect to https://www.bit.nl/domeinen I dont see any mention of Google Workspace in their offered services.

Are you sure that you purchased Google Workspace and not another email offering?

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