I can't get my custom domain for notion to work

I bought a domain from IONOS and I am following the Fruitionsite.com tutorial to get a custom domain for my notion website. My website is still showing the parked domain page and I don’t know what did I mess up… I appreciate your help.

I don’t know what instructions the tutorial show, but I suggest you use the Overview tab here and use the “Pause Cloudflare on Site” option so it’s a direct connection, rather than Proxied. This makes it easier to troubleshoot.

But at first glance, those IP addresses belong to IONOS, and not Notion, so that Parked domain page is not a surprise.

Hey! Thanks for replying. The tutorial I was following said that I just needed to import the DNS from my web host. How should I change those IP addresses?

Here is the guide I am following: https://fruitionsite.com/

Thank you so much for your help!

I have had switched nameservers for 10 domains from IONOS to CloudFlare in 2020 due to my work.

From CloudFlare DNS check, I have had to remove AAAA and leave only A records pointing to the IP - with “orange” clouds.

Also make changes to your CNAME records to “gray” instad of the “orange” clouds.

Regarding the pakred page, records that point to IP address of IONOS may mean that the hosting account is not created on IONOS on that server IP for your domain, or the domain is pointed to the IP of parked page.

Also, if recently added to CloudFlare, flush the DNS for records:

Got it, thank you! I just made the changes you suggested. But I still don’t understand your last point regarding the IP address of IONOS… What should I change those to?

Ohhhhh…it’s using Cloudflare Workers. And the tutorial pretty much covers it.

Did you paste the Notion code into your worker?
Did you set your Route?

Yes!! I followed exactly what the tutorial said and it still shows a parked domain page :frowning:

  1. Can you verify that on the DNS page here, your Name Servers are Aurora and Eugene?
  2. Can you post a screenshot of your Workers page? It should show which Routes you’ve added (my example is empty).

I noticed that it says “DNSSEC is pending while we wait for the DS to be added to your registrar. This usually takes ten minutes, but can take up to an hour.” It has been like that for 3 days. Could that be the problem maybe?

If DNSSEC were broken, your domain would be completely unreachable. You can cancel that setup for now and revisit it later.

Your Worker Route begins with *., which implies you want to run for your ‘www’ subdomain. However, ‘www’ redirects to the root domain. Do you have any Page Rules?

I actually don’t have a subdomain. I just fixed the router:

I just opened the website and it doesn’t show parked domain page anymore. It is showing this error:

What you think is the origin of this error?
Also, what is the solution for “DNSSEC is pending” ? Just wait?

Thank you so much!!

That’s an error in your Worker script. You’d have to check with Notion.

About DNSSEC, quick check here:

Says “No DS records found for nourassili.com in the com zone”

Have you had contacted your domain registar and sent them the DNSSEC values for specific parameters given by CloudFlare when you clicked “Enable DNSSEC”?

Moreover, has the DNSSEC been already activated on the domainw while being on … IONOS registar?

Later on, most ISPs do not verify DNSSEC. At least in Croatia.
Regarding that, even if not, is your Web browser configured to use DoH/DoT and have DNSSEC enabled?
For example, if we type about:config in FireFox and search for network.trr.mode, when using 2 or 3 then the domain cannot be reached when DNSSEC is misconfigured (was not added before, then switched to CloudFlare, enabled DNSSEC, added DS record on domain, then switched back to some other Nameserver provider and not removed the added DS record …) + including DNS cache on the ISP side.

As far as I can test, now the Website works - sending the attachment.
Screenshot_2021-01-15 Notion – The all-in-one workspace for your notes, tasks, wikis, and databases |690x364

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