I can't get access to my domain!

It has been weeks since I contacted Cloudfair customer service and I am getting answers that are vague and don’t help solving the problem.
I need to access my domain but I no longer own the log in details ( email and password) that were linked to my old account where my domain was registered.
I have already created a new account but I cannot move the name server because it is not letting me access the page Manage Domain.
It has been several weeks since my company has not been able to work because of this issue.
I urgently need help to solve this situation.
I am the owner of the domain but now I cannot access it!

It sounds like the account you lost track of (don’t know which email address you used, nor the password) has a domain registration in it.

Can you please post the ticket # you opened?


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Are 2 weeks that you have my domain in hostage. U are undestanding that my company is stopped?!

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Hi @napoli.andrea I see your ticket and have added myself to it to track, made some notes and added a link to this thread. Sorry for the issues you are facing.

why have you been bouncing my emails for 2 weeks?
why nobody can solve my problem or at least answer me?

Does the above comment mean emails from your domain are not being received?

Across two tickets I see a nmber of replies, I think the issue is contacting Support from an account that is not associated with the domain, that along with multiple tickets seems to slow down reply time. Is there any way you can regain access to your original account?

I can no longer get access to the original email.

Good Morning Cloonan,
I have attached an email with date 06/04/2019. There you can see the change of the name server from One.com to Cloudflare.com

As you can see the account One.com was assigned to me {redacted}, I am the owner of the domain and an associate of the company Dreamods srl (italian registred company). The domain was transferred to Cloudflare from a former employee that without knowing it has registered the domain under his account.

Now we can’t get a hold of this employee and we don’t have his log in details. We urgently need to update the website that now is not working.

Please find attached the email that proves that I own dreamods.com domain and t my debit card statement that shows the payments that I sent to Cloudflare under my name: Andrea {redacted} (by yourself u can check in your received payment)


Napoli {redacted}

Dreamods srl


It’s pretty early here. Please be patient as Cloudflare assists you recovering the account details you lost.

p.s. I suggest you delete those images with your personal info and add them to your ticket instead.

Why it s so difficult to solve this problem? Why i m waiting 2 weeks to have an answer?
Do u really think that is normal for a commercial company have 2 weeks the web site without update?
Everyday u write me to wait