I cant get a verification email

Hello. I cant get a verification email.
I made many attempts from another devices/browsers.
Help me please.

I show those as sent and can see they are delayed. You may want to check with your mail provider to see if there is any delay on their servers.

But I was receiving any another emails from your service!

Also I was talking now about it with my email provider - there is no any block from receiving emails from Cloudflare

Community emails are sent via a different service than account emails.

The account emails being sent are returning an notification that they are being delayed.

No, I successfully get this emails: " Your Cloudflare account has been accessed from a new IP Address" from [email protected]

Can u sent in manual mode please?

There is no option to manually send.

Or maybe there is another way for verification acount? I can sent any email from my email address to u

Create a ticket in Cloudflare please. Help me for verification account please

I see 14 rate limiting replies from your mail server, perhaps give it 24 - 48 hours before attempting again and/or contact your mail provider to see why these are being held and not delivered to you.


No effect. Help please

What has your email provider said about this rate limiting?

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None. No any limits…

And yet, Cloudflare has gotten rate limiting messages from that very provider. I think your mail provider is not being honest with you.