I can't find the button "Check nameservers" to update my site

I can’t find the button “Check nameservers” to update my site. The page is empty

so, my site it’s still “pending nameservers update” . Because I never could clic the button to check the nameservers

No, not actually. You need to contact your domain registrar and ask them to remove DNSSEC and verify with them that they have the nameserver change set up. (in anticipation that you may still run into issues, do you know if the domain was was using shopify before?)



Yes I did all that, and the weird thing is that im using Shopify, which I connected to Cloudflare (in order to connect my domain). and the connection is working ok

It looks like you added Cloudflare nameservers but did not remove the existing nameservers. Once you remove those, give it some time for that change to propagate. Cloudflare periodically checks for nameserver updates regardless. Give it up to 72 hours, then let us know if your zone still isn’t active.


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