I can't find my Cloudflare account

I have a problem. I can’t find my Cloudflare account.
My programmer created an account for me. I tied my bank card to it. Programmer is dead and I do not have access to the account he created. I have created a new account. How can I find my old account or unlink my card? I am being charged. But I transferred my site to new account. How i can find the old account.
In other words, Cloudflare charge me money but my site is very slow because it is linked to a free new account.
I texted to the support service three times, no one answers me. Please Help.

Hi @user4934, please don’t open multiple tickets. The open tickets have been merged into 1975943.

You won’t be able to recover the account, it does not matter if the vendor is dead or fired, unless you have access to the email used to register your domain, your only option is to add the domain to your current account and change the name servers at your domain registrar. It sounds like you may have done that, perhaps, not sure what steps you took when you did this:

I’d contact your bank and ask them to not allow the charges if you’re still being billed from the other account, and I’d let the engineer know as moving a domain to a different account does not stop recurring charges for subscriptions.

Regarding performance, I don’t think a plan change would affect performance, but if you can share the domain we can look at that as well.

Sorry for the troubles.


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