I cant figure out why my domain is latching onto another IP

Hey guys My Domain is messing up and is connecting to another server that has the same ip just different ports, which honestly I have no idea why its doing that can someone help me?

The one that I’m trying to connect:
The one that’s its connecting to:

How are you connecting to your server?

I just see the connection failing, and I assume that’s because of your 2nd SRV record for the same name, which points to a port that is not responding.

Delete the SRV record with port 19133 and you should be good. Or if you want people to enter play.moodymc.net instead of moodymc.net, you need to change to name of the SRV record with port 25575 to play.

dig +short _minecraft._tcp.moodymc.net srv
0 0 25575 play.moodymc.net.
0 0 19133 play.moodymc.net.
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