I cant entry to a subdomain


hello friends, i have a question. this is my domain andeanperutour.com i just installed a ssl, i installed a ssl to a subdomain crm,.andeanperutour.com and its works, but when i installed ssl to third domain mundo.andeanperutour.com doesnt work, please help me


Which SSL setting are you using in the Cloudflare Crypto tab? And…was your SSL working before adding SSL?

My guess is you’re using Full or Full (Strict), but your server doesn’t have an SSL certificate for mundo. Just a guess until you confirm the above.


Your site mundo.andeanperutour.com is redirecting to www.mundo.andeanperutour.com. Cloudflare provides a root certificate for andeanperutour.com and a wildcard which covers a first level subdomain. The second level subdomain you are redirecting to www on mundo.andeanperutour.com is not covered. If you need a certificate for www.mundo.andeanperutour.com you will need to order one to cover that second level host name.

Or you can configure the server to not redirect mundo.andeanperutour.com to www.mundo.andeanperutour.com.


hello, thanks a lot,
how can i do for cover the second level, in that case for mundo.andeanperutour.com


mundo.andeanperutour.com is already covered. If you wanted to cover www.mundo.andeanperutour.com you would need to order a dedicated certificate with custom host names and specify *.mundo.andeanperutour.com.


excuseme if i said doesnt a tecnical answer,
i used the free SSL, I installed to andeanperutour.com it worked
after i had a subdomain mundo.andeanperutour.com when i installed SSL to that it left to works


Your server is redirecting users to www.mundo.andeanperutour.com. I’m not sure what setting on your server is doing that, but if the www is not needed or necessary it should be disabled.

curl -I https://mundo.andeanperutour.com
HTTP/2 301
date: Wed, 28 Mar 2018 20:54:08 GMT
location: https://www.mundo.andeanperutour.com/

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