I can't edit / manage / transfer the domain at all

I own a domain, through Cloudflare, and some aspect of Cloudflare seems to recognize this, but others do not let me manage the domain at all. I can’t get through to customer service at all -

anyone have ideas?

Which domain and what exactly can’t you do? Post a screenshot.

For instance: In the Cloudflare dashboard, the domain I have is visible, with the advisory “Pending Nameserver update”.

When I click on it, the system gives me an overview, which includes checking the WHOIS and to remove “these name servers”. (the list is blank). and to replace with several others.

on the right side of teh screen, under domain registration, there is listed an option to “manage domain”. but when I click into it, there are no domains listed which might be managed. It is empty.

Your domain simply has not been verified yet. You will not have completed the setup. As I wrote, what is the domain?

I appreciate your interest in helping, I’d rather not have the domain identifying here. How does one verify a domain?

You need to follow the setup instructions and make sure your domain is using the Cloudflare nameservers. As long as it is not properly configured you won’t be able to manage it.

thank you for taking the time to help. I appreciate it. I think I can see that the Cloudflare system is verifying ownership, which seems to be part of the setup instructions. I don’t see how to influence the time and speed up a process of verification. Any ideas?

when I look at the DNS entry for the website on the Cloudflare overview, the name serves are identical to what Cloudflare recommends… hmmm.

and yet, the overview section of the dashboard still says “pending name server update” (recommending the ones which are already in place.

Well, without the domain it is not possible to provide any further feedback. You would need to post the domain, otherwise the community cannot help you.

But as mentioned earlier, your domain setup simply will not be correct. You need to verify that you followed the instructions, if your domain is properly configured Cloudflare will eventually verify it. You can also verify DNSSEC of course.

Respectively, I presume you already read the article you posted earlier - I can't edit / manage / transfer the domain at all - #3 by outreach1

honestly, most of this stuff could be in a foreign language and I would have a better grasp of it.

In that case hiring someone may be a good idea.

But again, if you post the domain this is a matter of a few minutes. I will set this to auto-close in twenty minutes, as we have somewhat exhausted the topic I am afraid.

You will need to make sure the domain is properly configured and that’s something only you can do. Maybe contact your registrar for help as well. If you post the name, this can be verified, otherwise you will need to contact your registrar.

the domain is CED Clinic dot com

All right, the domain appears to be configured correctly.

Can you post a screenshot of https://dash.cloudflare.com/?to=/:account/:zone?

thank you for the help.

from a command line search, I see the name servers are wrong for what the above wants:
Name Server: lex.ns.cloudflarecom
Name Server: vida.ns.cloudflarecom

… but I don’t see how to change that

I am afraid that’s the wrong account. The domain is registered and configured for lex and vida and that’s where you need to manage the domain.

If you want to move it to another account, then that’s currently not possible and you would first need to transfer the domain to another registrar. Then you could add it to that account.

I wish I understood.
where is lex and vida?
does that mean the account I’m operating, inside Cloudflare, is the wrong account?

how does one go about transferring to another registrar?

Your domain is simply active on a different Cloudflare account. You would need to use that account to manage your domain. It will be best to contact whomever managed your domain and transferred it to Cloudflare.