I can't disable paying for "Automatic platform optimization" for my free account

I’ve changed my settings for “Automatic platform optimization” ($5) in /billing/subscriptions to “disable” a month ago, but today I realized that it was not disabled and that I got charged again.
Setting refuse to be saved, here is the video scr.shot https://youtu.be/BGPslvZ382g

Can anyone help me with this?

Hi @user5882,

I think that subscriptions page should be the right place to do it. It didn’t look like that, last time I was there though! :thinking:.

Perhaps @Laurie can have a look at this.

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Hi user5882,

I watched your video, and if you notice when you have completed the steps it shows that the subscription is ending on Feb 21, 2021, which means that it will end on the last day of your billing period. Checking our billing system it does show that it will cancel on that date. If you see that it does not cancel on Feb 21, 2021 then please reach out to [email protected] or create a ticket from within your dashboard.


I already made same change a month ago (end of December 2020) and I was expecting for status of “Automatic platform optimization” to change to “disabled” at some point after I saved changes (thinking maybe it would take some time for system to sync etc.) That is why I forgot about it and was surprised today to find out about additional charges.
I’ll contact billing to try and sort this thing out, thanks for replying

Do you have an existing ticket at this time with the support team? If so could you please send me that ticket ID?

Ticket ID: #2069558

In order for our billing team to reply to you there with any account details, you will need to respond to that ticket from the email address on file for the account or create a new ticket while logged into your account, for the security of your account.

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New ID: 2069720
(request is now sent from clients email account)

This has been addressed by one of our billing team members at this time.

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