I can't delete my workers

When I try to delete my workers and after entered the project name then it prompt me the message:

workers.api.error.script_reference (Code: 100109)

so how can I delete my workers or what happened?

I have a single worker with the same issue. Have tried searching for a solution to no avail.

Hi @lingxuanning @the - I got here from one of two Google results for this error.

This issue came up on the Cloudflare Developers Discord community today, and for that user they resolved it by removing all of their “Custom domains” from the Worker in question, and then attempting the delete again.

If you’re still having the issue after all this time, could you try that? If it doesn’t work, also try removing other resources from the Worker and try deleting it again.

Looks like a typical case of undescriptive error code, hopefully this post can be of use to anyone else searching for the error.

I could @Erisa, but there are no “Custom domains” attached to the worker.

There are no “other resources” attached to the worker either: there are no routes, variables, bindings, etc.

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