I can't delete my account

Hi there.
I can’t delete my account.
Stuck domain in Manage Domains, although from Websites it is deleted.
You still have domains at Cloudflare Registrar! Please transfer out your domains before deleting your Cloudflare account. (Code: 1049)

Ah, sorry about that. Yes, it appears you purchased a domain via Cloudflare registrar, it you want to keep that you will want to login and start the process to transfer it away. Good to have a registrar in mind as you start that process.

I can’t do anything with this domain, it looks like a bug.
When I go into Domain Registration - Manage Domains and click Manage - I get a 404 error | We can’t find the page you’re looking for.
I do not need to save the domain, I will not use it anymore, it must be deleted and then delete my Cloudflare account

Can anyone help me here?

You’ll have to +Add Site for that domain so you can manage its registration. Then you should be able to transfer it away if you’ve had here more than 60 days.

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