I can't connect zaraz with my site

Hello guys

I have a problem that I could not solve, and I tried to find a solution for it, but I could not, which is I can’t connect zaraz with my site
I link my domain on Cloudflare through DNS

And I followed the method of linking Zaraz with Google Analytics 4

Everything is fine and running fine
But the connection has not been made, a problem that I have been facing for a while. I hope that one of you can find a solution to it. or interpretation of it

For your information, my site is not linked to Google Analytics in any other way

I didn’t get any answer unfortunately
But I knew what the problem was and what the solution could help other people

The problem was that I only use Cloudflare as a DNS and I do not use a proxy here
And the Zaraz service requires that your site be connected to a proxy, and I was using another CDN service
The solution was:
Create a sub-domain and connect it with Cloudflare by proxy, and call the service to the site from this sub-domain

I hope I made it clear