I can't connect to my website if I don't enter a port!

How can i change my domain from map.domain.de:2052 to map.domain.de?
or how can I set that I no longer have to enter a port behind it?

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You can set the destination port using an origin rule as long as the hostname is :orange: proxied.

and how do I have to set the origin rule?

Which part are you having trouble with? Can you share a screenshot of your origin rule?

I don’t know which of the two options I should use and what I should enter there

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You want to match requests where the HTTP hostname equals map.example.com. Substitute the acual FQDN of your hostname in your rule.

is this right?

The match part is correct, as long as that is your hostname. You still need to configure the bottom part to use the desired port.

when i type this port it still not work

or which port do I have to enter?

What port is your application listening on?

2052 is the port

Are there any error messages?

Some part of the missing information is likely needed to determine what is wrong, but I am of suggestions. Maybe another Community member will have some other recommendations you can try.

but can you maybe tell me whether I have even set up the subdomain correctly?

You have it set to :grey: DNS Only, which means that your origin rule will never be used. Cloudflare rules can only be applied to :orange: proxied hostnames. That would explain your previous results, too.

You can lose the SRV record. It does not do what you think it does.

I deleted SRV record and turned Proxy on but it still not working.
Maybe I have to wait a bit?